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Grow Your Company Efficiently

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

With growth, comes a lot more admin, communication and usually more resource.

When growth accelerates, having processes in place to handle this is so key when it comes to all of these aspects; paperwork, communication, resource management- A lot of companies continue managing these processes on spreadsheets or systems that do not quite work how they wish 'a work around', this can cause numerous head aches when they finally implement new software to support growth. By this point, inaccuracy has already creped in, and painful conversations with unhappy staff not recording or receiving the correct information has already taken a lot time that could be better spent.

What can you do?

How can we reduce or avoid these painful conversations and inaccuracy of data that can come with any growing company?


Always think about ALL processes and people, not just what will make the client happy. Staff in any growing company are also key to make the growth a success.

Here’s some further tips:

  1. Try not to use too many different systems

  2. Learn about your teams pain points

  3. Learn about what your team need to do their jobs to their best ability

  4. Make sure new processes work for all the business

  5. Invest in software - don't implement lots of cheap off the shelf tools as a quick fix

  6. Prepare for growth, get processes and systems in early

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