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Why Bespoke Software?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Yes, it can be a higher initial investment than off-the-shelf systems that you can pay monthly for.

Yes, it can take longer to plan and implement


Yes, all the time and money spent is without a doubt worth it, to find out why read below.

The question most companies ask

Do we go for an off-the-shelf system to save money and time. OR do we invest in a software system that is built exactly how we want and need it for our company.

Well, the answers you'll get will vary widely, and it really does depend on what you're trying to achieve... there are brilliant off-the-shelf systems out there. But nothing compares to something built specifically for you....


Because, any software that is off-the-shelf, however close it gets to meeting all of your requirements- either won't meet them all, and/or, will have extra functionality that is not required, that will just sit there not being used, sometimes in the way. Before you know it, you have a number of different systems, un-linked and all doing different things to cover areas that the other doesn't.... sound familiar? Not saving any time, or money..

With bespoke software it's like creating and growing your business... you create that, adapt that, take good ideas, ensure you scrap bad ideas, and form something that works for the entire team with no compromising. You're able to change things continuously as your business adapts, grows and changes over time, it'll be there with you. making life easier and letting you and your team concentrate on your clients, prospects and services/products.

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