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Remote Working

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

With today looking very different to last year with more flexible capabilities when it comes to working hours and locations. It's never been more important to ensure information is easily accessed. This remote working world is familiar to a lot of companies already, but very new to some. I think it's fair to say that some people love and some people hate the concept.

After numerous conversations with our clients and connections, our findings are highlighting that the majority of people are missing the interaction of being in an office, but don't want to go back to working 9-5, in an office, sometimes with a long commute.... They want the flexibility, that was in a way forced upon us by government guidelines, but perhaps a diluted version.

Sometimes remote working comes down to trust, sometimes it comes down to access of information, and sometimes it comes down to ease of communication.

All of which can work remotely and in an office, with the world moving quickly in the direction of having the option to work remotely and in the office under more flexible terms.

At BB we are remote workers 100% of the time, so we have gathered some tips for how you can make remote working easier.

Remote working tips

  • Flexibility with hours - We work flexible hours ensuring it doesn't impact on our clients receiving the best service

  • Ensure systems are in place that everyone can access from anywhere

  • Trust. It will soon become evident if someone isn't working efficiently, and ensure you are open to discuss this to improve and resolve it

  • Ensure everyone has the correct working materials... laptop, desk, chair, note pads, etc...

  • Have tools for communication in place, so just as you would by turning your desk chair, you can easily press a button and chat to your team

Happy staff work better, and work-life balance can sometimes impact this, remote working being one of those things that allow the work-life balance, that some people thrive and work well with.

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